3000W on/off grid ESS PS12030B


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3000W on/off grid ESS PS12030B


3000W on grid and off grid solar system 12030B specifications

1,Good anti deep discharge performance for on grid and off grid solar system:
2,Electrolyte: gel state, no stratification of electrolyte, the battery cycle performance; low electrolyte density, slow to grid corrosion, long battery float life;
3,Plate: radial rib design, the paste type active material, high-current discharge performance;
4,separator: special gel battery separators for on grid and off grid solar system, internal resistance, high porosity, and long service life;
5,Excess electrolyte design: the carrier liquid electrolyte volume high, filled with plates, partitions and the housing cavity, battery heat, and less prone to thermal runaway;
6,Colloidal tight coated plate group: prevent the active material shedding.
*More specifics and detailed product features or other custom feature, pls contact with our R&D department, those specifications are subject to communication.


Model No. PS12030B          
System storage capacity 12kWh          
System Work Model(ON-GRID & OFF-GRID) On & Off Hybrid          
Nominal AC output power 3000 W          
Maximum AC output power 4500 W          
AC voltage (OFF-GRID) 110/220Vac+2%          
AC voltage (ON-GRID) 110/220Vac+7V          
Nominal frequency 50Hz/60Hz          
Nominal output current 30A          
Maximun output current 45A          
Feed in to grid yes          
Maximum efficiency >92.5%          
PV INPUT            
Maximum input power 2400 W          
Start-up voltage 80 V          
Number of MTTP intputs 1          
MTTP voltage range 70 V-140 V          
Maximum input current 34 A          
Maximum input voltage 150 V          
Maximum efficiency >97% Battery          
Battery Management System YES          
Rated Capacity 234Ah          
Battery Type Li-ion          
Maximun charge voltage 58.5V          
Minimum discharge voltage 42V          
DC/AC protection yes          
DC lightning arrester yes          
Batteries protection Fuse          
IP protection category IP 20          
Communication RS485          
Conditions of use Humidity: 5% – 90% Temperature:0-40℃(Charging) -20-50℃ (Discharging)  
Warranty 5 Years          
Dimensions L779*W347*H912mm