15KW Three Phase Distributed On-off Micro Grid System

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15KW Three Phase Distributed On-off Micro Grid System


1, The use of microcontroller and dedicated software, intelligent control;
2, The use of battery discharge rate characteristic correction accurate discharge control.
3, With over charge, over discharge, automatic control of electronic short circuit, overload protection, unique anti-reverse protection; more protection and it won’t damage any parts, and won’t burn the insurance;
4, The Use of a digital LED display and settings, this 4000w battery system for solar are design one-button operation to complete all set up, extremely easy to use and intuitive role is to control the entire system state, In the large temperature difference, the controller should have qualified temperature compensation function. Other additional features such as light control switch.
* More specifics and detailed product features or other custom feature, pls contact with our R&D department, those specifications are subject to communication.

Solar on Grid Topology Architecture

All loads’ power will be provided by our system, the unit will use battery storage to power the loads under premise of normal capacity. If PV electricity is more than the loads need at the same time by charged fully, it will feedback excess electricity to the Grid.

If the battery is low and the sunshine is bad, the system will firstly assure battery capacity is sufficient and use the grid electricity to power loads.


Model Name                      MG3215K Distributed On-off Micro Grid System  
Continuous Rated Power 15KW  
AC Parameters
Rated Alternating Voltage Grid Voltage 400VAC
Inverter Voltage 400VAC
Rated AC Frequency 50Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion Grid Current <4%
Inverter Voltage 2%
On/off Grid Switching Time < 20ms
Maximum Inverter Efficency 93.80%
Referenced Certification Standard CE,VDE 0126-1-1
Output Wave Pure Sine Wave
DC Parameters
Recommended Each line PV Input Power 4000W  
PV Input 4 lines  
Each PV Line Panels Start-up Maximum Voltage 145VDC(under definite lowest temperature condition)
MPPT Voltage Range 70~120VDC
PV Maximum Output Current 320A  
Charger Maximum Efficiency 97.30%
Battery Voltage Rated Value 52VDC
Working Range 48~57VDC
System Parameters
Stored Capacity ≥32KWh
External Communications RS485(RS232/USB/Internet Optional)
Working Environment Temperature 0oC~45oC
Working Environment Humidity 10%~90%
Altitude <2000m
IP Grade IP54
Dimension Battery Box 1130mm×800mm×600mm
Inverter Box 1130mm×800mm×600mm
Weight Battery Box 240kg
Inverter Box 210kg